• Silver Colour.
  • Choice of four pin board colours.
  • Frame finished in Anodised Protective.
  • 45mm Extruded Aluminium Poster Frame.
  • 2mm Strong Plastic Poster Cover.
  • Anti Glare Picture/Poster Cover.
  • Suitable Outdoor and Indoor use.
  • Can be mounted Portrait or Landscape.
  • Key lock security, vandal & water resistant.

Lockable Pinboard Frames are ideal to display pinned  bulletin notices and pictures in vulnerable environments where security is a concern.  These frames are built from strong materials and use a lock and key secure mechanism to ensure only the owner can access the poster displayed. All these lockable frame products are manufactured from tough durable extruded aluminium.  These frames are absolutely ideal if you are seeking a secure external display solution.

For further details, view 'Silver 45mm Key Lock Pinboard Fr' PDF from 'DOWNLOAD' section below.